About the Arrow


A blog on the intersection of art and public space, the Arrow is an exploration of how our understandings of public art, street art, and public space are evolving in the twenty-first century. Featuring original research and reporting, this blog charts the legal and social milestones determining who has the right to what forms of creative expression in the spaces we share, charting the new direction of increased access to the arts we’re witnessing the world over.

The line separating street art and public art—critical guerrilla work, and sanctioned, commissioned work—is being hacked away from both sides by artists and organizations all over the world. The Arrow exists to track the fading of that line, until public art and street art are treated the same way by the public and its government alike.

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About the Author


Lindsey Mancini is an arts accessibility activist and digital strategist studying the essential connectedness—or disconnectedness—between art and community.

She currently works in communications at the Yale School of Art, and teaches as an adjunct professor of contemporary art at Eastern Connecticut State University. In 2017 she earned an MS with distinction in the history of art & design from Pratt Institute, where she wrote her 80-page thesis on street art theory. Lindsey is currently pursuing a PhD in Visual Arts, Philosophy, Aesthetics, and Art Theory from the Institute for Doctoral Studies in the Visual Arts.